CAMYOSFOP’s active engagement in the 16 Days of Activism demonstrated its unwavering dedication to sustainable development and gender equality. She partnered with the Ministry of Women Affairs and promotion of the Family (MINPROFF) in the pre-launch activities including a compelling bike caravan in Bafia, advocating for « Ride for change, ignite activism against GBV! ».

During the 16 days, the organization conducted a workshop on risk management in Ombessa, engaging 50 internally displaced women and girls.

This was followed by a spirited sport walk, where the community of Ombessa rallied in large numbers to proclaim « Step up, end GBV, protect women and girls, » echoing a powerful human rights message.

In Bertoua, a war toy campaign was executed, addressing the need to end violence in entertainment and combat the underlying issue of drug abuse, often linked to harassment of girls in secondary school settings.

These initiatives were closely aligned with CAMYOSFOP’s ongoing Japan Supplementary Budget project in collaboration with the People of Japan through UN Women, underscoring the significance of sustainable development and gender-responsive strategies in addressing societal challenges.